4 Ways Social Proof can Jumpstart Your Email Marketing

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Every single day technology changes and usually, for the better. As digital marketers, it is crucial that we stay relevant so we can provide the best results for our clients. So, what happens when something you knew used to work doesn’t perform as great anymore?


The ability to adapt in any industry determines whether you’ll stay in business. In marketing, it seemed like email marketing was becoming outdated. You could blast your email lists with relevant content and catchy subject lines, but it still felt like people were opening up emails less and less.


Despite this, did you really think it was out for the count? By itself, email marketing delivers as much revenue as any other digital facet combined. Why? There are more than 3.7 billion email users around the world. It is an incredible market that gives an average return of investment of more than $40 for every dollar spent. You have a better chance of acquisition, retention and conversions with email marketing because it’s effective, easy and fast.


So, with this wonderful audience out there, how do you get them to actually to open your emails and stay subscribed? Well, now that we know how valuable email marketing is, we can generate even more leads by combining great content with social proof.


What’d You Think?

People trust people and that means they look at reviews, ratings and testimonials to see how great a product or company is. They’re simply not going to trust an ad anymore. More than 80 percent of buyers look to online reviews and trust them when searching to buy a product. Buyers want to know that what they’re buying is quality and so it’s up to you to show them.


Include reviews and ratings at the bottom of your email. Go ahead and show real photos of customers and link to positive review websites. When you do this, you’ll truly be amplifying social proof.


Let’s Talk Numbers

When you add impressive numbers to your email, readers tend to trust you and your brand more. For example, if you say you have 100,000 subscribers or hundreds of clients, people want to know. Not only does it make you look more credible, but it establishes their confidence in you and will make them want to work with you more.


The Halo Effect

People love it when they recognize a trusted brand or logo. If you place images of recognizable brands you’ve worked with or awards you’ve won, you’ll be using the halo effect. People tend to convert more when they see you work with these associations because it establishes you as a credible brand as well.


Make sure you link the logos to the specific website or article you were associated with. Also, when you include “As Featured In” or “Awarded” sections, people are more likely to trust you.


The Need for Case Studies

If your prospects are going to be buying something expensive from you or you expect them to have a long commitment, a case study can be critical to having them convert. When you have a case study, you are showing your customers your greatest successes. It’s a tangible example of how you helped a real customer gain success in everyday life. It could be the proof your customer needs to convert, so go ahead and link it in your email.


With all that being said, email marketing is not dead. It is still a valuable tool to reach your audience, keep them and have them actually buy from you. But every successful tool needs an update to keep it relevant. Social proof is a great way to keep your audience engaged and trust your brand even more. Because people trust other people, including social proof is unlike any other strategy and can be crucial in getting more sales. Let us know how you implement these choices or call EIC Digital to start working on this for you so you can start converting those leads!