The 5 Second Rule.

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“What if I told you that it only takes 5 seconds to change your life?”


That’s how this book begins and as simple as that statement is, I learned that it was true. It takes 5 seconds to launch a new dream, conquer a big task, send that email, or just get out of bed on time.


Mel Robbins story of complete transformation- from bankruptcy and depression to success and thriving- is inspiring. Her message is challenging, but oh-so-simple.


The 5 second rule is all about acting on your instincts quickly, and it’s backed by science. The moment you feel the instinct to act, before you have time to hesitate and procrastinate, delay or worry you need to act.


This is what’s called your “Push Moment“.


The moment you feel yourself hesitate (when you know you should do something) start counting backward 5-4-3-2-1, the GO. The Rule is a proven, form of metacognition. When you use it, you shift mental gears, interrupt your habit of overthinking and awaken your pre-frontal cortex – making change easy. The rule acts as a “starting ritual” that breaks bad habits and triggers positive new behavior change.


Since reading this book, I’ve used the 5 Second Rule to get myself out of bed to train for a half-marathon. I also used the rule to sign up for that half marathon! This rule can be used in literally every area of life.


Mel says,


The 5 Second Rule is a simple, one-size-fits-all solution for the one problem we all face-we hold ourselves back.


The secret isn’t knowing what to do-it’s knowing how to make yourself do it.


This book is great for anyone feeling stuck or afraid to make big decisions in their life. The power is in you to change your life, and it only takes 5 seconds to do it