5 Ways You Can Increase Online Engagement

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Just about every brand gets to a point where they wonder to themselves, “How can we increase online engagement?” It’s not easy to maintain an online presence, but it’s so important that you have one for your customers. If customers can engage with your content, you are more likely to build trust with them. Consequently, this allows them to enjoy your brand more and become your ambassadors.


So, how can you increase your online engagement to gain even more customers who love your brand? Here are five ways your customers won’t forget about you:

Compel with Content


It’s very true: Content is king. Without it, your viewers wouldn’t have a tangible way to reach you and understand your brand. They won’t have a reason to engage with you and could pass over you for a more compelling post. Know which platforms your viewers love and create content that’s relevant to them.


Start with some captivating visuals. Whether it’s photos from an industry event, sneak peek product videos or infographics, your viewers will love seeing another side of you and will trust you even more. Once they enjoy your visuals, they’ll feel more open to reading content you offer.


Start a Conversation

How can you engage with your customers? Start the conversation! Leave open-ended questions in your content or ask viewers to leave their own captions for your visuals. But, don’t leave them hanging. If they do comment, make sure to respond. Otherwise, they might feel uncomfortable for sharing their opinion.


You want to reward engagement with more engagement. Notify commentators when others respond to them. Host constant Q&A sessions so customers can learn more about you. Send out exclusive offers to first-time participants. Get the conversation started and people will be more likely to interact with you.


Consistency is Key


When your favorite brand rarely posts on social media, do you remember them? Your followers will move on to the next best personality if you’re not willing to be consistent. They follow you because they like what you have to say. Don’t let them down by not being reliable in your engagement.


Otherwise, you could lose not only followers, but potential customers. If you’re not willing to consistently post or engage with your community, you’re going to create mistrust and they will forget about you.


Show Your Personality


People love it when they can tell there are true personalities behind a brand. They want the connection from knowing that someone real is posting and engaging them. You don’t have to just post about your business or generic one size-fits-all message.


You can create emotional connections with your followers. Go ahead and post your Throwback Thursday photos or today’s lunch. The possibilities are endless to let your viewers into your world. Show them you are trying to do more than just sell your product. It will remind followers that you are genuinely reaching out to them and they will likely be more to stay engaged.


Host a Giveaway


Who doesn’t love free stuff? Every so often, you should kick up conversations by hosting a giveaway or contest for your followers. This should spike your engagement by raising your brand’s awareness. Anyone who didn’t already follow you might now know about you if you have an exclusive giveaway.


It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be exciting. Ask your followers to participate by filling out a form or sharing their favorite story about your brand. You can then recognize the winner in your next post and lead others to want to participate in the following contest.



Whether you use photos, videos or blogs, you can increase online engagement with your brand if you’re consistent. Building an online community can take some time. But, persist in showing your personality through relevant and compelling content. You’ll raise brand awareness, engagement and followers who will trust and enjoy your brand. Implement these ideas and more with a focused and results-driven digital marketing strategy from EIC Digital.