Absolute Certainty is Key

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What sets you apart? How you see yourself can influence your everyday. The way you walk into a situation will truly be based on how you decide on your posture, focus and language. As part of our new training series, we discovered how having absolute certainty can change any situation.

“When two people meet, if there is rapport, the person who is most certain will always influence the other person.” Tony Robbins


People tend to forget that their body language gives off the first impression to anybody you meet. How you stand, whether it’s straight up or slouching, is the first step to how certain you’ll be in your meeting. The change in posture may only be a few millimeters in difference, but it changes your perspective to assess life with more confidence. Also, our bodies were made for movement because you weren’t made to sit for eight hours a day. Even though many jobs require this, you could organize your time in about 25 minute increments of working followed by a five minute break to move around. This will help with our next aspect in the triad: mental focus.


In today’s world, it is so easy to get distracted while trying to focus on a project. But, when you do so, it can take a while to get back to your original task. What you allow yourself to focus on will affect your situation. For example, if you go into a meeting and know it went horribly, you don’t have to focus on the negativity of it. Instead, focus on the positive of learning from the situation to better yourself for the next encounter. You need to go into situations with the mindset that despite the problems, you can overcome it and move forward.


Finally, how you speak into a situation is how it will be. Your language has so much power over your situations. If you see something as a failure, it will be one. You have to speak life into situations even when they seem hopeless. This kind of speaking will not only build your confidence, but give you absolutely certainty that you are victorious in every situation.


Developing absolute certainty can be daunting if you’re not sure of how to go about it. But, create the mindset to balance your physiology, focus and language to engage your situation. You can come out of every day in absolute certainty and conquer any situation.