We Can’t Settle for Satisfied Customers

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When you walk into a store, would it be fair to say you expect the customer service to just be okay? Although we’d love to be blown away with every customer service experience, most establishments just don’t invest their time and energy into giving their best service.


They do enough to get by, but don’t really mind if you don’t enjoy yourself. It may be an easier and cheaper way to attend to customers, but you don’t get Raving Fans by doing the bare minimum.


While reading “Raving Fans,” it turns out that satisfied customers just aren’t good enough. Satisfied customers don’t go around telling their friends about their great experience. Instead, they grunt about how their experience wasn’t anything spectacular.


Anyone can walk into a store and have a standard experience because they expect it. But, customers can tell when employees go out of their way for them. Everyone loves to be treated like royalty and it makes a difference when customers feel like employees actually care.


So, how do you get Raving Fans? How do you get customers to tell everyone they know about your great business? Our main character, the Area Manager, goes through a journey to learn three secrets to convert his satisfied customers into Raving Fans. He wanted to make a difference in how his customers were treated. When they are happy and let their friends know, business would pick up even more.


Secret #1

Decide what you want.

Create a vision of what you’d like your business to be like. If you don’t know what you want or have a focus, you cannot succeed.


Secret #2

Discover what the customer wants.

You can have an idea of the kind of business you’d like, but if the customer doesn’t want it or find it useful, you need to adjust. Find out what your customer would like within your vision and tailor your idea to it.


Secret #3

Discover what the customer wants and deliver the vision plus one percent.

Once you know what your customer would like within your vision, deliver that expectation plus one percent. You don’t have to start completely changing what your service is like. Some of it will be trial and error. You won’t be overwhelmed if you try to better yourself one percent a day to give your customer the best.


When you’ve mastered these three secrets, you’ll be able to give your customers a wonderful experience. They won’t just be satisfied customers anymore. You will be able to live beyond minimal expectations and create lifetime raving fans.