How to Create a Great Self Image

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If your goal is to be successful in the world of business, maintaining a great public image of yourself and your business is the #1 priority. There are steps that you can take to craft your public image and help your brand. Ultimately, teaming up with a marketing firm will produce the best possible results for your business. You’ll have a more attractive digital presence and generate much more revenue. Win, win.


  1. Forgive others, with no strings attached. When you compete in the business world, holding a grudge isn’t an option. Maintain a clean slate; forgive people who have wronged you. Do this for your own peace of mind. We don’t hurt others when we hold hatred toward them; we hurt ourselves. Holding grudges doesn’t only make you mad, it could even lead to depression and anxiety. If you can’t do this first step, you can forget the rest because you haven’t grown up.
  2. Forgive yourself. Look at yourself with kind eyes. As the owner of a business, it’s important to allow yourself to move on from previous wrongdoings. Try to forget all the dumb things you’ve done, the pain you’ve caused others, the embarrassments you’ve suffered and mistakes you’ve made. The author says to “look in the mirror” and “forgive yourself.” Practice this, and it’ll soon be a reality. We tend to be much tougher on ourselves than on others, but the fact is, bottling up negative thoughts and feelings is destructive.
  3. See yourself at your best. As Dr. Maltz put it, “We can start the day in frustration or confidence; take your pick.” The smart thing to do is choose confidence. Everyone has bad days, but it’s always better to start the day on a positive note rather than full of frustration. When you walk out the door of your business, put your confident food forward and your chances of reaching success will skyrocket.
  4. Keep up with yourself. Don’t worry about what others are doing or thinking. Keep up your pace, even if it’s different from the pace of others. It’s faster than some, slower than others. Don’t rush your own success just to try and keep up with those around you.


Don’t feel guilty when you reach success faster than others, and don’t make your goals based on the path of others. It’s foolish to purposely hold yourself back just to fit in with the gang. Keep up with yourself, and keep pushing forward. Live a life that makes you happy and do what you love. Live YOUR life and don’t focus on how others are living theirs.