Digital Marketing: It’s Complicated

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I love it whenever I get the awesome question of “What do you do for a living?” I then go into explaining digital marketing and the response is usually a bit of a blank stare.


The reality is that what we do at EIC is called a “complex intangible.” This means people can’t hold it, touch it or feel it and that makes it hard for people to totally understand it. What most people don’t understand scares them and that’s why digital sales people are almost equivalent to used car salespeople (no offence to any car salespeople out there!) In fact it’s so complicated, digital companies can easily hide behind acronyms and numbers that just confuse the customer. This is why we’re almost always the 3rd or 4th company people have hired because their past experiences were less than ideal.


This is where EIC likes to come in and just simplify the process. I could do a 12 hour training on these process and it would still barely scratch the surface of what we do. We realize the majority of companies care about one thing when it comes to marketing: revenue baby!



We take away the acronyms and irrelevant numbers and get down to brass tacks. We use dozens of different softwares and proprietary processes to sit down with a customer and say “Here’s what you spent and here’s what you made down to the penny.” It gives our customers a sense of relief and certainty in what they do spend. It allows us to separate ourselves from the competition and have a customer base that trusts us and what we do.


At the end of the day, we do about 100 different things based on what the customer needs but what we really do is simplify that process down to numbers our customers can understand. We love doing this and our customers tend to agree. So what is digital marketing other than complicated? It’s building an online presence that meets a company’s goals and allows them to quit guessing at what they do. It is complicated but at EIC, we simplify it.