“The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon

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The Energy Bus is a book written in story format detailing the life of a guy name George. George is having a tough go in life and is in all honesty, a pessimist. Everything in his life is bad and he doesn’t or won’t see it any other way. He gets a flat tire (which in turn saves his life as his breaks were recalled) and all he can do is complain. He’s forced to take the bus and is introduced to Joy. The bus driver who is about to save his life. Throughout the book he’s given 10 rules to live by. They are below:


Rule #1 – “You’re the driver of your bus” – It’s all about personal responsibility. We are each responsible for the direction of our lives. And the direction of our lives is shaped by each day, each thought. If we are complacent in our lives we let others drive for us. Have you ever felt out of control? Well, it’s time to take charge and drive your own bus. In my experience, the realization that my efforts now can reap big rewards in the future are very empowering.


Rule #2 – “Desire, Vision, and Focus Move Your Bus in the Right Direction” – You have to want it! You have to have a vision, have an compelling reason to keep you moving and the focus to keep to it. Each action must be in the direction of your goal and you must have the persistence to overcome the obstacles that can easily get you off track.


Rule #3 – “Fuel Your Ride with Positive Energy” – Positive energy is the fuel that allows you to overcome the obstacles. Positive energy is high octane fuel and negative energy is gas from the bottom of last years can. Positive energy builds momentum and a negative attitude seems to find roadblocks and excuses.


Rule #4 – “Invite People on Your Bus and Share Your Vision for the Road Ahead” – Associating with people who push you forward is one of the smartest things you can do. You are either moving forward or moving back. If the people you work with or associate with are stagnant, then you need to break free. If you don’t you’re wearing an invisible rubber belt, eventually you will snap back to the pack and lose your momentum. Having negative, going nowhere friends is like having a weekly weight watchers meeting at The Country Buffet.


Rule #7 – “Enthusiasm Attracts More Passengers and Energizes Them During the Ride” – People want to associate with a winner. In professiona land college sports it seems that the same teams are at or near the top year after year. Players recognize a good culture and want to be a part of it. The same can be said of work teams and companies. It’s not all about the money.


Rule #8 – “Love Your Passengers” – You can’t fake it. In order to lead people or attract people to your cause you have to care for them. And not in an ambivalent way. You must really be tied to the well being of your team. Love cannot be selfish. As a leader you must want the best for your team members. Back to sports: time and time again you see a team of superior athletes being beat by a true team made up of individuals who would do anything for their team and teammates. The trick is to cultivate that love.


Rule #10 – “Have Fun and Enjoy the Ride” – When work is fun you don’t get tired. Do you ever remember getting tired when you were playing as a kid? I don’t either. It never even came to mind. The same is true when you are energized by doing work that matters with people you like.


My biggest takeaways were that everything in your life right now, is a result of your thoughts and actions. Think positive uplifting thoughts and you’ll lead a positive uplifting life. People in business today need energy to survive and if everything is doom and gloom, it’s tough to maintain a high level of energy. George learned some hard lessons but he ended up saving his marriage, his job and ultimately his life. Keep track of your positive outlook and hold it sacred. Life is a precious gift and if you’re not excited and living every moment to the fullest you’re missing out. Inspire those around you and you will be inspired. Love everyone and you will be loved.