What Exactly is Google Looking For?

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By: Chris Himel


“Life is like Google. You just need to know what you’re searching for.”


Alright, that was a little lame but it’s still pretty cool. So many times I’ll sit down with a client or potential client and they know one thing: They want to show up on Google. But at the end of the day, most people don’t really know what Google is looking for. That’s why we’re here!


We’re here to simplify everything and make sure our clients show up when someone searches their company. So what is Google looking for? The answer is actually pretty simple, but the execution can get pretty dang complicated.


Domain Authority

The first thing Google looks for is how popular you are. When Google started, the only way they calculated rankings was based off how many other websites had your URL on it. It’s called Domain Authority and it has a major impact on whether you show up or not. The tricky part is how to get those links and that’s where we come in. And no, we don’t put your URL on a bunch of Russian sites. We organically grow the number of sites that link back to yours. There are a ton of ways to do this and I won’t give away our secret sauce but if you’d like to start showing up, go win the popularity contest baby!


Content, content, content!

Google started running into issues with domain authority because so many unrelated sites began showing up, so they had to update the algorithm. Now they factor in how relevant your content is to the search term being inputted.


Let’s say you search “tire company jacksonville, fl”. Google then goes to work to find the most relevant content and pushes the website with the higher domain authority to the top of the search. These are the two main factors and while there are other factors listed below, these two really trump them all.


Domain Age: This is how long your URL has been around and used.


Site load speed: How long does your website take to load?


Social Media Presence: Do you have one and are you consistent?


URL Queries: This has everything to do with how your website is coded.


Click through rate to your site: How many people are actually clicking on your website?


We’re all still guessing a bit but these factors seem to determine who stays and who goes. Just to clarify how important the organic is, here’s a quick stat: 30% of the clicks on a page go to the number one organic listing and the number one ad position gets 7%. People trust the organic listing far more than an ad and they should because the organic listing will have the most relevant content for them. The site will also be the one that is recognized throughout the community.


Go out there and get your Google on people! If you have a website of your own, take all of these factors into consideration and go for it. If it seems to daunting, feel free to give us a call, as well!