How Personality Types Affect Web Design

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Ever seen Seinfeld? Big Bang Theory? Saved by the bell? The golden girls?

Alright, I must admit I haven’t seen the golden girls but I hear it’s awesome. Why am I asking this? Because the characters in the show are very important and should impact the way you design your website.
Alright let’s back up a bit. We’ve all heard of introvert and extrovert, blue, green, yellow, pink and all sorts when it comes to your type of personality. They’re all great and pretty spot on. The personality division I’d like to refer to in this blog breaks down into these 4 personalities. No matter how hard you try, you fall into one of these or a hybrid of 2.

For the sake of fun and explaining the different personalities, take a guess on Seinfeld, of the four characters, who falls where and why? Never seen it? It’s alright, we’ll forgive you, it’ll still make sense.
Amiable– this person is a people person but also keeps to themselves. They enjoy people and at the same time could spend hours alone knee deep in any project they find fun.
Analytic– this person analyzes every single situation, like seriously every single one. Before they make a decision to do anything, they have to know all of the facts or they won’t commit.
Expressive– this person loves people and can get along with most anyone. They’re a connector and are often the life of the party. They make decisions on a much more emotional level.
Driver– This person just gets s*** done! They are very to the point and want to get to a solution the quickest. They’re brave and enjoy being with people but could also spend a good amount of time executing on something they want to get done.


So who’s who? Let’s find out!
Amiable– Cramer of course. He loves people but can also find himself doing god knows what in his apartment. They’d do anything for a friend and can often create their own funky path.
Analytic– Why George of course. This man analyzes everything to death. Every word a woman says on a date or that he says on that same date. He’s pretty tough on himself and never gives himself a break.
Expressive– You guessed it, Jerry! Whose apartment is everyone always at? Who connects the other 3 characters to each other? Think about it, none of the other 3 would know one another without Jerry.
Drive– Yep, it’s elaine! She really doesn’t take any flack and knows exactly what she wants. She pushes the group to do different things and is often the driving force for a decision.
Why point all of this out? Well, who watched this show? Pretty much everyone! It was one of the most successful shows in the history of TV! Is it apparent why it was now that you have this new found knowledge? It appeals to everyone! Every human on earth can relate to each of the main characters. Allowing them to see themselves in the same situation and become entranced when the character does the same thing they would’ve done.
So what can we learn from this awesome show in the digital world? Your website needs to appeal to all 4 personalities. If you do this well, you’ll increase your conversion drastically. Let’s look at the four personalities and see how we can improve our website design:
Amiable– think half expressive, half analytic. They want information and they also want to feel good about the company and what their people represents. Give them your great reviews and why your company is good at what you do. Emotional and logical information for this person.
Analytic– Well… Give them everything! They are the one’s who stay on your site for 5 minutes before calling. They want to know your process, your team, your customer reviews, when you were established, you BB rating, basically everything. And it can’t be BS information either, they want good info that helps them make a decision on whether to move forward.
Expressive– think emotion, emotion, emotion! They want to know the owner is a good person, the staff is nice, other customers like you, that it’ll be easy and fun to work with you. They’ll take action quickly if they get that kind information quickly.
Driver– These are your click on the Ad guys, the call right away guys. If they can’t find your number in 3 seconds, they’re gone. If they can’t find what they’re looking for in 3 seconds, they’re gone. They may glance at info to make sure you do what they need but as soon as they do, they’re calling and your call center better not take 4 buttons to get through because this driver just drove away.
It’s a lot to try and configure I know, here’s the deal: if you’re puttin a website up to generate revenue which even non-profits have to do, you need to spend time thinking this through. If it can make Seinfeld and all of these other shows millions, I have no doubt it can do the same for you.