American Window Products, Inc. is family owned and operated and provides customers with superior quality windows for more than 30 years. They exceed customer satisfaction in quality, service and expertise.




Increase in website traffic


Cost per lead


#1 Keywords


American Window Products was using a large company for their digital marketing and was not getting good results.

Not only was this large company not showing them a return on their investment but they lost the client’s URL.

After such a bad experience, they were extremely skeptical to commit to another marketing company.


We knew we could show American Window Products a return on their investment so we met with them 11 times before they signed on.

EIC developed an advanced SEO plan with a heavy focus on content creation.

We also created an inbound marketing plan in order to nurture their leads through the sales process.

Installed conversion architecture on the website to identify what areas of the homepage were getting the most attention and to determine where certain content should be placed.


American Window Products now has more website, visits and leads than they’ve ever had.

Through quarterly ROI reports, we have concluded that website leads account for roughly 20% of the company’s total revenue.

American Windows has been a long-time client and is seeing record years from working with us.

We are excited to continue working with them and growing their amazing business.

"Before working with EIC Digital, we trusted a large company with our marketing but weren’t getting the results and attention we hoped for. Chris and his team met with us over 10 times, which proved they would work hard. We’re thrilled about the website traffic and leads we receive because of our new digital marketing team."

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