SEO Isn’t All Tricks

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SEO isn’t all tricks to increase your rankings. At one time, SEO was all about fitting as many keywords as possible throughout your website without a care for how awkward the content sounded. Some marketers would even cram websites full with popular but irrelevant keywords just to get their ads to reach more people.


All tricks.


But Google has become much smarter at recognizing these con-man website and giving better rankings to websites that have valuable content.


As the saying goes, “Content is King” on Google. Having relevant, quality content based on the products and services people are searching is what brings more visitors and keeps them coming back.


So how do you use quality content to your advantage?


It all starts with quality.


This means reading, editing, re-reading, editing… You get the idea. Your content needs to be free of embarrassing typos and grammatical errors. Your content also needs to be understandable to any reader, not just ones familiar with your industry.


Keep it concise. Make use of bold section headings, bullet points, brief paragraphs and plenty of white space. The goal is to keep your readers engaged with your content.


And of course, utilize your keywords throughout your content in ways that make sense. Your readers need to enjoy reading your content and walk away feeling like they’ve learned something about what they’ve searched for. That’s what keeps them coming back.


The second part of content marketing is quantity.


How often should you add fresh content to your site?


According to Audience Bloom, consistency is more important than frequency. This is critical because many of your regular blog readers will be looking for new posts from you, and when they don’t find them, will assume that your blog is not that important to you and will quickly lose interest.


We recommend starting out with 1-2 blogs per week. Unless your team (or marketing agency) can create more of these quality posts more often, it’s better to stick with a lower frequency of high quality posts.


Creating fresh content for your site does wonders for your SEO. Kissmetrics says, to think of it as a conversation between two people. SEO makes demands. Content Marketing fulfills those demands.


If your team needs help with creating outstanding content, reach out! We’re experts at making businesses shine on Google!