Is Snapchat the Next Major Marketing Tool?

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Sankt-Petersburg Russia November 25 2017: Apple iPhone 7 with Snapchat homepage on monitor screen. Snapchat is the social network website. Homepage of on smartphone


Snapchat recently unveiled new features in the application that just might make it the next major marketing tool. With this algorithmic update, marketers can now use simplified tabs to reach the most relevant audience.


The redesign does away with the old Stories tab. It’s broken up between a combination of Stories and private messages versus Snapchat-curated content. The latter half also includes Stories from celebrities, publishers and the application’s original shows.


Friend vs. Discover Tabs

The new Friend tab absorbed the previous Chat tab. The Chat tab was simply your private Snap conversations. So now, the Friend tab shows the private messages the Chat tab did but additionally indicates if your friends have stories posted.


The redesigned Discover tab looks like the old one but it’s no longer limited to Publisher Stories, Our Stories and Shows. It now extends to verified celebrities and brands whose organic stories are relevant to your interests.


Algorithmic Control

Both the Friends and Discover tabs are controlled by algorithms. This will rank content on Snapchat based on your interests and the people you communicate with the most. Similar to Facebook, you will be able to advertise to more specific audiences. To break it down, the content closest to the top of Friends and Discover tabs is content Snapchat algorithms think you’ll enjoy. This gives Snapchat more direction over what users are seeing. You can probably see how this change would make brands want to do more business with Snapchat.


How the Redesign May Impact Marketers

This redesign makes advertising on Snapchat more enticing for brands. People’s Stories previously were so full of their friends’ Stories that brands’ Stories were often overshadowed. Now friends’ Stories will be separated into the Friends tab meaning the Discover tab’s algorithm will take into consideration whether a person follows an account when ranking content. Basically, brands stand a better chance of being discovered.


But, this chance doesn’t mean discovery is guaranteed. The separation of the tabs simply removes the Friend Stories as competition, but the ads still have many other rivals. Snapchat gives you the option to immediately skip over all the ads. If Snapchat wants to be a major marketing tool, it might to have to make a few more redesigns.


Now that you understand how the new Snapchat update works, it’s up to you to decide if this is the kind of advertising your business needs. Snapchat has so much untapped marketing potential so stay tuned as it keeps evolving. As a marketing platform, it’s going to take off one day!