The Traveler’s Gift

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Going on a journey through someone’s life can often be an amazing way to take in knowledge. That’s what Andy Andrews does in the amazing book. He takes someone whose lost his job and blames the world for all his heartache. Driving one night he gets into a wreck and wakes up in front the president of the United States. He thinks he’s dreaming but the president assures he isn’t and that this is the beginning of the journey.

Throughout the book David is transported to different places in time and with different figures from those time. He goes to a total of 7 and learns 7 lessons to live life by. I’ll detail them now and really believe they are great stepping-stones towards living a happy life.


1. The buck stops here. There is no one to blame for your situation but yourself. All past and future events depend upon you. No one makes you go to sleep or go out. No one makes you to read a book or go to a seminar. You do! And you’re the reason for everything you have today.


2. I will seek wisdom! Not only seek wisdom for yourself but seek to provide wisdom to anyone who would ask for it. Be a servant of knowledge and others.


3. I am a person of action! No longer will you let fear run your life and stop you from action. Action creates momentum and the only way to stop fear is to take action! Do the thing you fear and do it with moxie. You will be surprised as to the person you can become.


4. I have a decided heart! If I put something off until tomorrow, I will put it off until the next day. Own your decisions and things will become easier and smaller. Believe in yourself and always push forward.


5. Today I will choose to be happy! Be grateful for every tiny thing you have in your and anything beyond that will be an amazing gift. We are always seeking more and more but if we’d just slow down and be grateful for what we do have then the more would come even easier.


6. I will greet this day with a forgiving heart! Your past is behind you, no longer will it linger into today. Forgive yourself and strive to be the best person you can be right now!


7. I will persist without exception! Have an unwavering faith that all you wish to come true will. Believe it so much that is vividly yours already. There can be no doubt where there is absolute faith. See it, feel it and become excited to have it and it will be yours!


Overall this was an amazing book and really gets you jacked up about life. It’s in story format so it’s an easy read and will leave you pumped up for the day to come!