Targeted Marketing: Cool or Creepy?

Targeted marketing is an opportunity for companies to reach consumers in the most tailored way as possible. It’s up to you to decide whether the concept is cool or creepy. We’re here to give you the low down on why we use targeted marketing as a tool in our arsenal.


Targeted Marketing is Personalization

When we make ads, landing pages and emails, we’re thinking about who will benefit the most from the offer we’re presenting. Instead of sending out mass emails that are generalized for a large population, we send out emails that are tailored for our desired audience. This lends itself to the idea of “targeting.” Although, we’re gearing emails and ads to appeal to consumers, such as yourself, it just-so-happens that you fall into the buyer persona that we think will benefit most from our offer. By personalizing our marketing strategies, you’ll be getting content that’s actually useful instead of generalized spam that you don’t really care about.


It may seem like the internet only shows you items and deals that you find interesting, which is totally right! Except it’s not just you, it’s you and the large amount people that are either in your area or have the same interests as you. Marketing makes a big difference in your role as a consumer. We’re here to try and makes things easier on you by showing you what’s new, hot and something you might be looking for. But it’s up to you decide: is it cool or is it creepy?